The school

your pup deserves

We believe every pup that walks through our doors deserves an enriching life that fulfills them physically, mentally & emotionally.

Like batman & robin, you are pup's best friend and companion. You guys share the greatest walks, the best game of fetch and at the end of the day, your lives together

And pawsible is here to make it happen. By helping your pup learn and grow, your furkid can become a paw-worthy companion.

Reinventing the old

We’re evolving with the times. Pawsible has designed our unique canine educare system that helps maximise your furkids potential.

Mature naturally

Our curriculum actively promotes experiential learning. This helps our four- legged pals develop cognitive capabilities during day-to-day communication.

Start your day

with pawsible

We embrace each and every of our furkids that walk through our doors. Here’s what to expect when your pup enrols into our school.

Orientation Session

An unfamiliar environment can be daunting for all of us, let alone our lovely furry ones. During our orientation session, we assess your pups personality and behavior. Pawsible then puts in place strategies to help them overcome first day jitters.

First day in Pawsible

Time to meet their new furiends! From playtime to quality walks, your pet will get to mingle with his furiends and also receive the best training to grow up strong and curious.

Ready, Set, Pawsiblities!

Throughout the entire day, your pup engages in a myriad of experiential programmes that develop their awareness and abilities. Your pup can not only learn to be good partners, he/she can discover their superpowers and shine amongst the pack.

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