Hello folks,




Faith joined us in September 2018. She was a spritely little girl who was excited to see the world and all its wonders.

A princess at heart

Faith has all the skills expected of a princess. She's painted art pieces, did agility and played instruments. She's very close to her younger brother, Oliver, and highly supportive of him, even becoming one of his props for his Christmas performance. Faith is often seen watching over him in school. They can always be spotted napping together. Faith is also a big sister and sets a fine example to her juniors in school. She has truly matured with grace and poise. She would stand up for herself too when she has to - Her spirit sparks brightly in such moments, before she quickly regains her calm composure.

Faith has shown us all what true beauty is - she's beautiful inside out! Things in life never get to her. She's taught us to just let things be and enjoy the moment, knowing that all will be well in the end. We all call her Princess Faith and she conducts herself like one. Akin to Elsa in Frozen, she's calm and centered, beautiful and kind, highly patient and loving.

While she keeps to herself, her magical powers of giving therapy to others is far reaching. Needless to say, she excels in all her therapy training classes! She's a top student in her ability to stay. Because of this, she earned a role in her recent MediaCorp drama debut! Her role required her to stay in an unfamiliar environment. Her acting hailed praises from all the crew and actresses!

“It’s time to help society. Pawsible actively partners with societies and organisations to let our furry ones contribute back in meaningful ways. From therapy sessions to media features, our furry ones are your best companions for the task.”


Faith's Owner